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Accurate & Realtime

Realtime trackable data of your online shop purchases with accurate result calculations.

Links & Campaigns

Generate auto-short-links to share with influencers or at the promotion network to track result purchases accurately..

Coupons Tracking

Create and share coupons to track specific purchases based on shared coupons to see the behavior of coupon campaigns.

Compatible with most popular platforms

StatPrive - Influencer Marketing Platform StatPrive - Influencer Marketing Platform StatPrive - Influencer Marketing Platform StatPrive - Influencer Marketing Platform StatPrive - Influencer Marketing Platform StatPrive - Influencer Marketing Platform

Centralize Your Data

Bring all your essential campaign data into one place then compare generated reports for each one individuals and the results.

Connect any data

Generate dynamic reports, review & monitor influencer-driven or coupon-driven purchases data.

Get Deeper Insights

Better understating of how your campaigns works and adjust your promotion budget & future campaigns details based on real-time reports.

More time acting, less time

analyzing Prevent spending more time & losing money on unworthy campaigns and promotions and avoid wasting time or money by reviewing campaign behaviors.

Tie revenue to marketing

Monitor your customer's loyalty by reviewing new or returning customers' data & empower the connection between your revenue and marketing.

Marketing reports with ease.

Generate, share links, and unlimited download a multi-format of your generated reports for being used on other platforms.

Empower every decision-maker.

Get a better overview of every single campaign, influencer, or coupon. Create, save as draft & schedule your campaign trackings.

Track Customer Journey

Customized settings and options to track purchases for each campaign, customer, or market individually.

Accurate data for all

Follow every single promotion or campaign-driven customer journey until the final purchase with a real-time purchase tracking tool to generate accurate reports.

Improve your marketing strategy

By real-time campaign-promoted purchases metrics.

Smart platform to help save money

An online platform to help with the special requirements in multi-type promotion & marketing campaigns. A simple online all-in-app platform that is simple to use but has comprehensive features and options for every purpose could be used by several teams & marketing people.
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Customer-based marketing reports

You need more details about customer journey when you promote your business or product via a coupon or an influencer to find out how your campaing worked. You need to know how your customers are doing and how they are interacting with your product or business. Track all purchases and sales were placed via a coupon, a UTM parameter or a social media post to find out how your campaign worked.
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