Privacy-centric Web Analytics Solution

Capture the essence of your visitors' online journey in real-time, all while upholding the utmost respect for their privacy and security.

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Empowering Your Analytics, Protecting Your Privacy

Discover Advanced Insights with Complete Data Privacy and Control


Simplicity at its finest, with statistics presented in a manner that's not only user-friendly but also effortlessly comprehensible.

Dedicated to Privacy

Place the utmost emphasis on privacy, ensuring no IP tracking, fingerprinting, or cookies are ever involved in our analytics process.

Effortless Efficiency

Install in less than 1 mins, tracking code is impressively lightweight, with a mere size of less than 1kb. It seamlessly integrates with your website, leaving no digital footprint.

Regulatory Excellence

Rest easy knowing the tool is fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and PECR, so you can navigate the regulatory landscape with confidence.

Comprehensive Reporting

provides in-depth and intuitive reporting, giving you actionable insights into your website's performance while respecting your privacy.

Your Data, Your Control

We adhere to the principle of complete data ownership, and never, under any circumstances, share your valuable information with third parties. Your data is yours, and yours alone.

Sophisticated Analytics Insights

Unlock Profound Understanding of Your Visitors with Our Advanced Analytics Suite

Real-time Traffic Insights:
Gain a comprehensive, up-to-the-minute understanding of your website's traffic dynamics with in-depth reports.
Comprehensive Overview:
Delve into a rich tapestry of website statistics that provide a holistic perspective of your online presence.
Performance Insights
Unearth the goldmine of data showcasing which web pages are shining stars in your online galaxy.
Traffic Channel Mastery
Uncover the precise avenues through which your visitors reach your site, optimizing your outreach strategy.
Geo-Focused Analytics
Drill down to the city level and pinpoint where your visitors are coming from, enabling hyper-localized decision-making.
Tech-Savvy Audience Insights
Get insights into the devices and software preferences of your audience, ensuring you're perfectly aligned with their technology choices.
Event Tracking Mastery
Take the reins with custom event creation and meticulously monitor their conversion rates to fine-tune your strategies.
Data Export Prowess
Seamlessly export your website's treasure trove of statistics in the versatile and easy-to-manage CSV format for further analysis and sharing.

Simple Integrations

Easily integrates with your favorite platforms.

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Simple pricing plans for everyone and every budget.

5,000 pageviews / month
5 websites
Email reports
Data export
9.00 EUR
90.00 EUR
Year 17% off
10,000 pageviews / month
5 websites
Email reports
Data export
19.00 EUR
190.00 EUR
Year 17% off
Unlimited pageviews
Unlimited websites
Email reports
Data export