Privacy-Focused Analytics

Monitor your campaign performance to generate smart reports for better planning your next campaign.

Track Every Purchase

Analyze Campaign Performance

Adjust spending budget for your next campaigns & generate smart reports.

Coupon Tracking
Track, monitor, and generate reports for purchases placed with coupons and gather data for each individual order with a specific coupon code or influencer-promoted.
Campaign Reports
Unlimited campaign reports with multiple statuses allow you to grow your knowledge about your spending and adjust your future advertising plans.
More Data To Review
Through marketing analytic data to review every influencer or coupon-based campaign allows you to track the status of every campaign status in a real-time report dashboard.
Spend Wisely
Intelligence platform to review all your spending for past promotions before investing time & money for future ones to adjust your budget, time & traffic channels for upcoming campaigns.
Multi-Channel Tracking
Segment your promotions & advertising campaign based on channels, tags, influencers, coupons & more to generate perfect multi-purpose marketing reports.
Smart Reports
Generate dynamic sharable smart marketing reports with unlimited filters and analytics data to analyze your campaign performance & revenue stream.

Improve your marketing strategy

By real-time campaign-promoted purchases metrics. Platform →

Adjust Your Future Campaign Budgets

Analyze all monthly generate reports from variant promotions and campaigns to result in thoughtful & better planning promotion budget.

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Accurate Reports for Revenue & Spending

Create your own, no-code filters to segment data & analytics reports based on marketing needs to generate dynamic reports & metrics with Linkbeen platform.

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Google Ads - Spring 2022
Spent $21,500 — Revenue: $55,600
Instagram Ads - Dec 2021
Spent $44,250 — Revenue: $75,600
TikTok Spring 2022 - Video Promotion
Spent $117,500 — Revenue: $245,600
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